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Sonel Test Equipment

TKF -12 Phase Sequence Tester (120-690V) 10-70 Hz

TKF -12 Phase Sequence Tester (120-690V) 10-70 Hz

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  • Check phase sequence

    The ergonomic phase sequence tester Sonel TKF-12 is a proven measuring tool, whose main task is to control 3-phase electrical installations. Phase sequence tester signals compatible or opposite connection, additionally it also shows the symmetry of voltages in individual phases. The instrument is suitable for a wide range of phase-to-phase voltages (operating range is 120 to 690 V, frequency 10 to 70 Hz) in distribution circuits. The device signals compatible or opposite connections in the electrical installation and, in addition, indicates the symmetry of voltages in each phase. Due to its attractive price, versatility and ease of use, the instrument can be recommended to any electrician and not only. Sonel TKF-12 is characterised by a simple and ergonomic design. Enclosed in a robust and sealed IP42 casing, the tester ensures high durability and resistance to damage. The measuring instrument guarantees efficient operation in a wide temperature range from -10°C to +45°C. Double insulation according to EN 61010-1 ensures a high level of safety during testing.



    • indication of phase sequence in networks with voltage 160...690 V AC
    • operation in networks with 10...70 Hz frequency
    • voltage indication light
    • wired indication of motor rotation
    • magnetic field detection



    The unique TKF-12 tester is designed to control 3-phase electrical installations in a wide range of phase-to-phase voltages (160… 690 V, frequency up to 70 Hz) in distribution circuits. The indication of the rotating field and the direction of motor shaft rotation is performed. 


    Aplication of TKF-12



    Measure easily and accurately 16-, 32- and 63-amps industrial sockets with optional AGT-16, AGT-32 and AGT-63 adapters.



    Standard accessories, included in the kits, allow for quick verification whether the shaft rotates in the correct direction after the motor is connected. Otherwise, the engine or the equipment driven by it may be damaged.


    Intuitive, trouble-free connection

    Various colored cables, crocodile clips and test probes allow you to connect the device to the tested object - quickly and without any problems.




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