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TG-1 Ultrasonic Leakage Detection Set

TG-1 Ultrasonic Leakage Detection Set

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  • Hear the inaudible

    Comprehensive ultrasonic detection set Sonel TG-1 is a reliable professional intended for effective ultrasonic detection.

    The Sonel TG-1 set is designed for effective and trouble-free ultrasonic detection. It consists of professional instruments of reliable operation, namely: the Sonel TUD-1 ultrasonic leak and electric discharge detector and the Sonel GUD-1 ultrasonic generator.

    With the use of the Sonel TG-1 set, diagnosing damage in the form of cracks, holes and other leaks is easy and efficient. The versatile TUD-1 detector will prove its worth in many areas, while the GUD-1 generator will extend its capabilities even further and enable effective fault detection also in places where detection is difficult (e.g. in systems that are not filled with medium and in places where the pressure is not sufficient).



    • Identification of acoustic-wave defects in the range of ultrasounds (40±1) kHz
    • Stepless adjustment of gain
    • Easy and clear interpretation of results visually on the LED scale and acoustically via the earphones
    • Additional probes selected for different methods of analyzing the leakage spot
    • GUD-1 generator for objects of the same pressure


    Description of the product


    Sonel TUD-1 is a compact, portable device that receives airborne ultrasonic waves and transforms them into acoustic waves in a range that is audible for the human ear.

    Additionally, the unit strengthens the waves and presents the signals via the LED scale and via sounds in the earphone set.


    Sonel TUD-1 is a professional device that allows:

    • sources of electrical discharge to be located on such elements as power grid lines, insulators, generators, transformers;
    • the search for leaks in pneumatic and hydraulic systems
    • leak checks on systems that supply water and gas, such as pipelines, taps, valves, hydraulic components, pumps, compressors;
    • diagnostics of the condition of mechanical components, including bearings, gears, drive shafts, pumps, compressors, generators.


    Sonel GUD-1 is a part of the ultrasonic leakage detection set. It can generate ultrasonic signals in places, where gas or air leak does not have enough pressure to generate ultrasonic sound. GUD-1 allows to:

    • assess unpressurized tanks,
    • detect cracks and holes.







    TUD-1 | Technical specification

    Parameter Description
    center frequency of the detection range (40±1) kHz
    dynamic range ≥60 dB
    power consumption ≤0.35 W
    power supply 9 V battery (6LR61 / MN1604)
    battery run-time ≥20 h
    relative operating humidity 80% at +20ºС | 68ºF
    operating temperature -20…+45ºС | -4…+113ºF
    max. operating altitude 2000 m | 6562 ft
    storage temperature -20..+60ºC | -4…+140ºF
    storage humidity 80% at temp. up to 31ºC | 88ºF
    linearly decreasing to 50% with temp. increasing to 40ºC | 104ºF


    GUD-1 | Technical specification


    Parameter Description
    frequency of the generated ultrasound (40±1) kHz
    sound power 0.0016 W
    power consumption ≤0.02 W
    power supply 9 V battery (6LR61 / MN1604)
    relative humidity not exceeding 80% at +20ºС | 68ºF
    operating temperature range -20…+45ºС | -4…+113ºF

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