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SRP-50k0-5T0 Standard Programmable Resistor

SRP-50k0-5T0 Standard Programmable Resistor

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  • The SRP-50k0-5T0 standard programmable resistor is a source of high resistances used as standard equipment for calibration and testing of analog and digital insulation resistance meters.

    The resistance obtained thanks to this resistor can be kept for a long time under external direct voltage up to 5000 V.

    The required resistance is set by the user by means of the standard resistor’s keypad and PC application SRP Control Software. Setting of the required value is automatic thanks to commutation of a precision resistance matrix. The control processor calculates the required combination of resistors providing the proper precision of the resultant resistance.


    SRP calibration software

    The SRP Control Software application serves for inter-operation between SRP-50k0-5T0 resistance calibrator and a computer. The calibrator connects to a computer via USB port.

    The application is easy to use and a useful tool in the process of testing devices by means of a calibrator.


    Capabilities of the application:

    • remote calibrator control,
    • creation and saving of automatic programs for testing of equipment,
    • resistor settings include a keyboard lock and time until switching to sleep mode,
    • change of display brightness and keyboard response sounds,
    • language selection in application,
    • firmware update from computer via USB interface.




    • Measurement functions Display range Resolution Accuracy
      Resistance 50 kΩ...5.0000 TΩ from 0.05 MΩ 1.5% s.v.


      s.v.- set value


      Other technical specifications:

      • Supply voltage: 100…240 V AC (50/60 Hz)
      • Maximum power consumption: 75 VА
      • Operating temperature range: 10...30°C | 50...86°F
      • Maximum current in measuring circuit: 3 mА
      • Maximum operating voltage: 5000 V DC
      • Long-term resistor stability: <1%
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