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SRM-6-100/1 Standard Manual Resistor

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  • SRM series resistance decade boxes have been developed with laboratories and institutions requiring the most accurate readings in mind. High-precision decade boxes meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Applied resistors are characterized by excellent accuracy and long-term stability.

    Descriptions on the housing clearly inform the user of the set resistance value. Test jacks make it possible to connect the instrument by means of a banana plug, spade plug and insulated lead terminations.

    A metal housing effectively protects the instrument against mechanical damage. The housing has rubber legs that stabilize the instrument’s position on the measurement table. The resistance decade box also includes the instruction manual and calibration certificate.



    • High accuracy, up to 0.05%.
    • Ranges from 100 Ω to 111 111 MΩ.
    • Easy-to-read and comprehensive graphical description of the instrument.
    • Functional test jacks.
    • Durable and resistant design.







    • Number of decades Range Accuracy class
      SRM-6-01/1 6 0.1 Ω…111 111 kΩ 1
      SRM-6-01/2 6 0.1 Ω…111 111 kΩ 2
      SRM-6-01/3 6 0.1 Ω…111 111 kΩ 3
      SRM-6-100/1 6 100 Ω…111 111 MΩ 1
      SRM-6-100/2 6 100 Ω…111 111 MΩ 2
      SRM-6-100/3 6 100 Ω…111 111 MΩ 3
      Other technical specifications
      Initial resistance ≤(0.025 ± 0.0025) Ω
      Maximum operating voltage 2000 V
      Insulation resistance >10 GΩ