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SRM-3-100k/1 Standard Manual Resistor

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The Sonel SRM-3-100k/1 Standard Manual Resistor is applied as reference standard equipment for verification and calibration of testers of electrical safety parameters of electric plants in the metrological laboratories. The resistance box characteristics enable to use it also for calibration of the widely spread meters of electrical resistance to direct current.

The resistance box of the SRM-3-100k/1 is designated for provision of wide range of reproducible resistance values, it is distinguished by the gradation based on the amount of the involved decades (3) and correspondingly typical size of the case. At the same time, this model is represented by type 1 accuracy class (0.05 %, 0.05 %, 0.1 %). It is designated for application in direct and alternating current circuits.


Model: SRM-3-100k/1 Specifications
Description Standard Manual Resistor
Range Pmax Imax Accuracy (Type 1)
10×100 Ω 3 W 5 mA 0.05 %
10×1 Ω 0.5 W 0.7 mA 0.05 %
10×10 Ω 0.55 W 0.2 mA 0.1 %

Additional Technical Specification
Dimensions 290×140×130 mm
Weight 3 kg / 6.61 lbs
Operating temperature range +10 - 30 °С
Relative humidity 25 - 60 %
Atmospheric pressure 630 - 800 mm Hg

Tech Specs

Test Equipment General Attributes

Product Weight 6.61 LBS
Product Height 5.51 IN
Product Length 5.11 IN
Product Width 11.41 IN
Shipping Height 5.51 IN
Shipping Length 5.11 IN
Shipping Width 11.41 IN