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Sonel Test Equipment

PRS-1 Resistance test probe

PRS-1 Resistance test probe

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If the site insulation is used as a means of protection against electric shock, the insulation resistance of floors and walls should be checked with an appropriate measuring instrument using a probe dedicated for this purpose. PRS-1 has the shape of an equilateral triangle and has been made according to the guidelines provided in for in the HD 60364-6 and EN 1081 standards. Legs of the probe were made with a special rubber mix – volume resistance of a single leg does not exceed 5 kΩ, and the hardness is in the range between 50 to 70 IRHD. With appropriate pressure on the probe, such a design solution will ensure approx. 900 mm2 contact surface area with the tested plane.

Technical data



Weight and dimensions

Parameter Value
Net weight (kg) 0.5
Package weight (kg) 0.5
Package width (cm) 23.5
Package height (cm) 3.5
Package length (cm) 20




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