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Sonel Test Equipment

P-6 Voltage Tester

P-6 Voltage Tester

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SONEL P-6 has all the features that characterize the P-4 Voltage Tester and P-5 Voltage Tester. In addition, the P-6 model has the phase identification function which allows to verify the phase compatibility (and its overtaking or delay) against the phase at the reference object.

Main functions and attributes of the P-line instruments:

  • phase identification function for verification of phase compatibility to the reference phase

  • automatic voltage test up to 1000 V AC/DC,

  • optical indication by a LED bar and additional LCD display,

  • sound indication when dangerous voltage levels of 50 V AC and 120 V DC are exceeded,

  • RCD trip test with switchable load,

  • automatic continuity test upon connection to the object,

  • 2-pole test of phase rotation direction,

  • single-pole indication of 100 V presence,

  • resistance measurement up to 1999 Ω,

  • HOLD function for freezing the measurement results,

  • robust, two-component housing protecting from mechanical damages and impacts,

  • integrated torch light and backlit display for tests in poorly lit areas,

  • IP65 ingress protection guarantees protection against dust and water,

  • safety provided by measuring class compliant with CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V.


Phase indetification function:

  • maximum time to identify the phase: 20 seconds

  • phase define relative to reference: identical (L1), ahead (L2), delayed (L3)

AC and DC voltage measurements:

  • indication on the analog bargraph: 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, ≥690 V,

  • displaying on the backlighted LCD up to 1000 V,

  • determination of alternating voltage or direct voltage polarization.

Continuity test:

  • indication for resistance R ≤ 400 kΩ

  • optical and acoustic indication

Resistance measurements:

  • measurement range up to 1999 Ω

Phase sequence test:

  • phase sequence indication for voltage U> 100 V.

Single-pole phase test:

  • optical and acoustic indication for voltage U> 100 V.

RCD trip test:

  • RCD test for IΔn ≤30 mA.

Display: backlight LCD 3½ digits, counts 1999.
HOLD function: HOLD button to freeze the result on the diode line and LCD display.
Operating frequency range: 16..400 Hz.
Measurement category in acc. to EN 61010-1: CAT III 1000 V, IV 600 V.
Ingress protection in acc. to EN 60529: IP65.
Type of insulation acc. to EN 61010-1: double, class II.
Power supply: 2 x LR03 AAA 1,5 V (recommended alkaline cells).
Working / storage temperature: -15..+55°C / -20..+70°C.
Dimensions: 275 x 82 x 36 mm.
Weight without batteries: 267 g.
Measuring tips: Ø2 mm/ Ø 4 mm/dł. 4mm (GS38).
Backlight measuring place: integrated torch.
Standard compliance: EN 61326-1, EN 61326-2-2, EN 61010-1, EN 61243-3.
Warranty: 2 years.


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