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Sonel Test Equipment

MPI-525 Multi-function Meter (ISO test voltage 2500V)

MPI-525 Multi-function Meter (ISO test voltage 2500V)

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Ingress protection: IP 54

Measurement category: CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 300 V

Data transmission: USB

Display: graphic, monochrome, backlit



Focused on insulation resistance measurements.

Multifunctional meter of electrical installation parameters Sonel MPI-525 is an innovation in its category. It provides a wide range of options for measuring the parameters of electrical installations, which makes it a recommended solution for installers as well as advanced measurement engineers.

As one of the few meters on the market, Sonel MPI-525 has the ability to measure insulation resistance with the voltage up to 2500 V. Additionally, the instrument enables automatic measurement of insulation resistance of 3-, 4- or 5-core cables or wires using the optional AutoISO-2500 adapter.

With the use of the MPI-525 meter it is possible to perform precise measurement of short circuit loop impedance (resolution 0.01 Ω) in L-PE circuits in networks with RCD switches. Another valuable function of the device is the ability to measure the actual tripping time and tripping current of the RCD breaker at a single tripping of the breaker.



The meter offers a wide range of functionalities. It combines the measuring capabilities of several devices, while ensuring equally good accuracy. The device can be used for all measurements for commissioning of electrical installations in accordance with applicable regulations:

  • short circuit loop impedance (also in circuits secured with RCDs),
  • RCD parameters,
  • insulation resistance,
  • earth resistance (3-pole method),
  • continuity of protective and equipotential bondings,
  • phase sequence test


Additional functions

  • Checking the correctness of PE connection using a contact electrode.
  • Measurement of voltage (0 … 500 V) and network frequency.
  • Memory of 990 results.
  • Wireless data transmission to a computer.


Testing the insulation with a voltage of 2.5 kV

The unique feature of the meter is the option of measuring the insulation resistance with a voltage of 2500 V. Moreover, with AutoISO-2500 adapter, the user may check RISO of 3-, 4- or 5-wire conductors and cables.

The device has a built-in timer. It may be used to set three different periods for measurements and result read-outs (in the range of 1...600 s). It also automatically calculates two absorption coefficients.

In order to ensure safety of the user, after the measurement completion or interruption, the device automatically unloads the tested object.


Inspection of electrical safety

This device may be used to inspect safety of electrical systems in households and industrial facilities. Measurements can be easily automated with:

  • auto mode of residual current devices (RCD) tests,
  • AutoISO-2500 adapter for automatic insulation resistance test of 3-, 4- and 5-conductor cables, without switching.


Increased resistance to environmental conditions

The meter will cope well in difficult environmental conditions. Protection against penetration of dust and water is ensured by a unique housing with a level of protection IP54. It is resistant to mechanical damage, and a special design allows you to easily protect the screen by shielding using the cover of the meter. In addition to the fact that it protects against damage, it also allows you to conveniently carry and use the device in different positions.


Communication and software

You can easily transfer measurement data to your computer via USB port or wireless communication. In order to generate a report on measurements for electric shock protection, use Sonel Reports PLUS software. Saving the downloaded data to the simplest formats and printing is provided by free Sonel Reader software.


Technical data


Measurement functions Measurement range Display range Resolution Accuracy
Fault loop impedance
Fault loop ZL-PE, ZL-N, ZL-L 0.13 Ω…1999.9 Ω acc. to IEC 61557 0.00 Ω…1999 Ω from 0.01 Ω ±(5% m.v. + 3 digits)
Fault loop ZL-PE in RCD mode from 0.50 Ω…1999 Ω acc. to IEC 61557 0.00 Ω…1999 Ω from 0.01 Ω from ±(6% m.v. + 5 digits)
Measurements of RCD parameters
RCD tripping test and measurement of tripping time tA measuring current 0.5 IΔn, 1 IΔn, 2 IΔn, 5 IΔn
general and short-time delay RCD 0 ms…300 ms 0 ms…300 ms 1 ms ±(2% m.v. + 2 digits)
selective RCD 0 ms…500 ms 0 ms…500 ms 1 ms ±(2% m.v. + 2 digits)
Measurement of RCD tripping current IA measuring current 0.2 IΔn…2.0 IΔn
for sinusoidal residual current (AC type) 3.0 mA…1000 mA 3.0 mA…1000 mA from 0.1 mA ±5% IΔn
for unidirectional residual current and unidirectional with the 6 mA DC bias (type A 3.5 mA…700 mA 3.5 mA…700 mA from 0.1 mA ±10% IΔn
for direct residual current (type B) 2.0 mA…1000 mA 2.0 mA…1000 mA from 0.1 mA ±10% IΔn
Earth resistance
3-pole method od 0.5 Ω…1.99 kΩ wg IEC 61557-5 0.00 Ω…1.99 kΩ from 0.01 Ω from ±(2% m.v. + 3 digits
Insulation resistance
Measuring voltage 50 V 50 kΩ…250 MΩ acc. to IEC 61557-2 0 kΩ…250 MΩ from 1 kΩ ±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)
Measuring voltage 100 V 100 kΩ…500 MΩ acc. to IEC 61557-2 0 kΩ…500 MΩ from 1 kΩ ±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)
Measuring voltage 250 V 250 kΩ…999 MΩ acc. to IEC 61557-2 0 kΩ…999 MΩ from 1 kΩ ±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)
Measuring voltage 500 V 500 kΩ…2,00 GΩ acc. to IEC 61557-2 0 kΩ…2,00 GΩ from 1 kΩ from ±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)
Measuring voltage 1000 V 1000 kΩ…3,00 GΩ acc. to IEC 61557-2 0 kΩ…3,00 GΩ from 1 kΩ from ±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)
Measuring voltage 2500 V 2.50 MΩ…9.99 GΩ acc. to IEC 61557-2 0 kΩ…9,99 GΩ from 1 kΩ from ±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)
Resistance of protective conductors and equipotential bondings
Measurement of resistance of protective conductors and equipotential bondings with ±200 mA current 0.12 Ω…400 Ω acc. to IEC 61557-4 0.00 Ω…400 Ω from 0.01 Ω ±(2% m.v. + 3 digits)
Measurement of resistance with low current 0.0 Ω…1999 Ω 0.0 Ω…1999 Ω from 0.1 Ω ±(3% m.v. + 3 digits)
Phase sequence indication in the same direction (correct). opposite direction (incorrect). UL-L voltage: 95 V…500 V (45 Hz…65 Hz)


“m.v.” - measured value

Weight and dimensions

Parameter Value
Net weight (kg) 2
Package weight (kg) 7.3
Package width (cm) 50
Package height (cm) 35
Package length (cm) 53



Accessories included with the meter



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