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Sonel Test Equipment

MIC-5050 Insulation Resistance Meter

MIC-5050 Insulation Resistance Meter

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  • Damage location and insulation measurements

    Sonel MIC-5050 insulation resistance meter constitute a reliable tool to measure insulation resistance up to 20 TΩ. The instrument is designed for control tests of electric shock protection in AC power networks. It is used to carry out measurements whose results determine the safety condition of the installation.

    The meter is recommended for electric power services that inspect the condition of electro insulating materials.



    • Insulation resistance measurement
      • up to 20 TΩ 
    • Measurement voltage - any in the range of
      • 50…5000 V, 50…1000 V with steps of 10 V, 1…10 kV with steps of 25 V
    • Continuous indication of measured insulation resistance or leakage current
    • Automatic discharge of measured object capacitance voltage after the end of insulation resistance measurement
    • Acoustic signalling of 5-second intervals to facilitate capturing time characteristics
    • Adjustable measuring time - up to 99'59'’
    • T1, T2 and T3 test times for measuring one or two absorption coefficients from the range of 1…600 s
    • Polarization index (PI), absorption coefficients Ab1, Ab2 and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) measurement
    • Indication of actual test voltage during measurement
    • 1.2 mA, 3 mA or 6 mA test current
    • Insulation resistance measurement using two- or three-wire method.
    • Measurements with test leads up to 20 m
    • Protection against measuring live objects
    • Automatic measurement of multiple core cables with the optional AutoISO-5000 adapter (for MIC-10k1 max. measuring voltage 5 kV)
    • Measurement of capacitance during the measurement of RISO
    • Measurement of temperature (with optional probe ST-1)
    • Step voltage insulation resistance measurement (SV)
    • Dielectric Discharge calculation (DD)
    • Damage location (burnout)
    • Digital filters for measurements with strong interferences
    • It can work in an environment where electromagnetic interferences of 400 kV occur
    • Measurement of DC and AC voltages within the range of 0…750 V




    MIC-5050 meter is designed to measure the insulation resistance of electro-power objects, i.e. single- and multi-core cables, transformers, motors and generators, capacitors, switches and other devices installed in power stations. Furthermore, it is dedicated for measurements in areas with very high electromagnetic disturbances, e.g. electrical substations with 765 kV voltage or higher.



    Highly efficient HV inverter, with test voltage of 5 kV and current of 6 mA, suitable for measuring the insulation resistance up to 20 TΩ. Achieving such a result makes these meters unrivalled devices. Three-wire resistance measurement, performed using a "GUARD" wire, eliminates surface leakage currents caused by contaminated insulation, thereby increasing the reliability of obtained results.

    The meter measures temperature of tested object, which is necessary to determine the temperature correction factor for RISO. In addition, it indicates the absorption coefficient (DAR - Dielectric Absorption Ratio), Polarization Index (PI) and the value of Dielectric Discharge (DD). The device allows user to assess the condition of the insulation, by applying the test voltage incrementally in steps (SV). This solution ensures that a dielectric in good condition will provide the same results, regardless of the applied voltage. Deviations in obtained resistance values of approx. 25%, observed on the chart in the individual steps, may indicate the potential insulation defects.

    MIC-5050 has the unique ability to perform measurements on multi-core cables, within one connection step, using the AutoISO-5000 adapter. This solution reduces the duration of measurements on repetitive of  objects, such as cables of street lighting systems. Inverter with a power of almost 60 W is able to intensify the point of cable damage, which facilitates finding the location of the fault using a reflectometric method e.g. with TDR-420 device.

    Built-in digital filters, with averaging time of 10, 30, 60, 100, 200 sec. and "smart" solution guarantee stable measurement results in areas of strong electromagnetic interference.


    Data analysis

    The device, with its backlight graphical screen may display a waveform of insulation resistance, voltage and current as a function of time. The operator, basing on the trend shown by the waveform, may quickly assess the insulation condition right after starting the measurement. This provides full control over the tested object and clear image of the tested insulation. In addition, with movable tags, the operator may trace the course of the measurement and check resistance values obtained for any time of the current measurement and of measurements made in the past.

    After installing mobile application, as a part of the set the user receives Sonel Reader software for collecting historical data and comparing it with current results, transferred from the extensive memory of the meter. This solution helps user to prepare a measurements report, track the insulation degradation and plan the maintenance / repair works.




    Insulation resistance measurement

    • Measurement range acc. to IEC 61557-2

    \(R_{ISOmin} =\frac{U_{ISOnom} }{I_{ISOmax}}\)=5 MΩ…40 TΩ (IISOmax =1.2 mA, 3 mA or (6 ± 15%) mA)

    Range Resolution Accuracy
    0…999 kΩ 1 kΩ ±(3% m.v. + 10 digits)
    1.00…9.99 MΩ 0.01 MΩ ±(3% m.v. + 10 digits)
    10.0…99.9 MΩ 0.1 MΩ ±(3% m.v. + 10 digits)
    100…999 MΩ 1 MΩ ±(3% m.v. + 10 digits)
    1.00…9.99 GΩ 0.01 GΩ ±(3% m.v. + 10 digits)
    10.0…99.9 GΩ 0.1 GΩ ±(3% m.v. + 10 digits)
    100…999 GΩ 1 GΩ ±(3.5% m.v. + 10 digits)
    1.00…9.99 TΩ 0.01 TΩ ±(7.5% m.v. + 10 digits)
    10.0…20.0 TΩ 0.1 TΩ ±(12.5% m.v. + 10 digits)


    “m.v.” - measured value


    Values of measured resistance depending on measurement voltage

    UISO voltage Range Range for AutoISO-5000
    50 V 200 GΩ 20.0 GΩ
    100 V 400 GΩ 40.0 GΩ
    250 V 1.00 TΩ 100 GΩ
    500 V 2.00 TΩ 200 GΩ
    1000 V 4.00 TΩ 400 GΩ
    2500 V 10.00 TΩ 400 GΩ
    5000 V 20.0 TΩ 400 GΩ

    Capacitance measurement

    Range Resolution Accuracy
    0…999 nF 1 nF ±(5% m.v. + 5 digits)
    1.00…49.99 μF 0.01 μF ±(5% m.v. + 5 digits)


    • Capacitance measurement result is displayed after the RISO measurement.
    • For measuring voltages under 100 V capacitance measurement accuracy not specified


    Temperature measurement

    Range Resolution Accuracy
    -40.0…99.9°C 1°C ±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)

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