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Sonel Test Equipment

LKZ-2000 Cable Detector

LKZ-2000 Cable Detector

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  • Easily locate cables and pipes with pinpoint accuracy

    The variety and density of underground installation infrastructure continues to grow. Identifying buried installations has never been such a difficult and important task. Locating makes it possible to determine the actual position of an underground installation and to establish the correct place to start work, as well as to avoid dangerous accidents due to damage to the object being located.

    The Sonel LKZ-2000 locating set has a number of unique features to help you choose the right locating mode. The most important feature that distinguishes the device from the competition is its ability to analyse interference occurring at the site, making it easier to select the best frequency in difficult conditions. This avoids selecting an inefficient frequency, significantly speeding up and simplifying the work with the locator. 



    • Mode / Frequency: POWER passive mode: 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 450 Hz / 60 Hz, 120 Hz, 540 Hz, RADIO passive mode: 15 kHz to 60 kHz, Active mode (with transmitter): 512 Hz, 3140 Hz, 8192 Hz, 32768 Hz and 83.1kHz
    • Antenna configuration: Single peak value, double peak value, neutral point, full field
    • Depth measurement range: POWER mode up to 3 m., RADIO mode up to 2 m., modes with active transmitter up to 4.6 m., probe mode up to 6 m
    • Accuracy of measurement (error): 5% depth in linear or probe mode (from 0.2 m to 4.6 m.), 10% depth in probe mode (from 4.6 m to 6 m).
    • Bluetooth: for remote transmitter control
    • Batteries: 2 x LR20
    • Operating time with battery power for LKO: up to 60 hours (at 20°C)
    • Auto-OFF: Capability of selecting auto-OFF time after 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes


    • Operating frequencies: 512 Hz, 3140 Hz, 8192 Hz, 32768 Hz, 83,1 kHz, 200 kHz
    • Output power control: 5 levels
    • Power in induction mode (max): 3 W
    • Power for galvanic connection (max): 12 W (for impedance of connected object: 100 Ω)
    • Batteries: up to 100 hours (level 2 output power at 20°C)
    • Auto-OFF: Capability of selecting auto-OFF time, after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 hours

    The best system under the most demanding conditions

    Power industry

    Sonel LKZ-2000 is designed to easily trace power cables over long and short distances with pinpoint accuracy, especially in areas with high levels of electrical interference. When used in conjunction with the supplied Multi Clamp a trace signal can be safely applied to an electrically live cable. The A-Frame accessory can also be used to easily locate cable sheath faults.

    Civil engineering and construction industries

    The highly durable, weatherproof Sonel LKZ system has a flexible operating system to suit most site conditions and terrain, which is essential on complex and demanding civil engineering and construction sites.

    Rail industry

    Damaging communication cables can be very costly and time consuming to repair, causing major disruption to the rail network. Sonel LKZ system is designed to easily locate and trace cables in congested areas and with high levels of electrical interference.

    Telecom industry

    Tracing and locating large bundled cables, such as fibre optic cables, can be difficult and time consuming. Sonel LKZ systems high frequency modes are ideally suited for these types of cables, helping to improve your productivity and locating reliability of all cable types. The A-Frame accessory can be used to easily locate cable sheath faults.

    Gas & oil industries

    These can be the most potentially hazardous, costly or environmentally sensitive pipes to strike and therefore most important not to damage. Using the Sonel LKZ system’s range of low frequency modes, locating and tracing these pipes is easy over long distances, maintaining maximum accuracy.

    Water industry

    Locating and tracing pipes can support the mapping and surveying of utilities. Using the Sonel LKZ system with our dual frequency sonde is the ideal solution for locating deep underground non-metallic sewerage and drainage pipes, that can’t be detected using standard locating technology.

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