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LKO-720 Receiver

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  • The function 3D in the receiver - detecting the direction of current flow and accurate locating the object.

  • Headphone socket in receiver

  • Protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP40

  • 9V 6LR61 alkaline battery

  • Receiver operation with four transmitters at the same time to locate interruptions or distinguish wires

  • Phase detection mode

  • ALED bright torch

  • Screens backlight for work in dark

  • Transmission battery status and settings of the transmitter to the receiver

  • Operation in wide range of rated voltage, up to 500V RMS

  • Measurement of voltage at the object to 500 Vrms

  • Five modes of wire tracer operation - voltage, current, current-voltage


  • Receiver

    • Headphone socket in receiver

    • Protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP40

    • 9V 6LR61 alkaline battery

    The Sonel LKO-720 Wire Tracer Receiver has two detectors: one for electric and one for the magnetic field. The electric field detector is a planar antenna designed to detect changes in the electric field in accordance with the signal generated by the transmitter. The magnetic field detector is an antenna designed in 3 planes, which allows detecting the direction of signal transmission. The strength of the electric or magnetic field is depicted by "tilting" the indicator bar graph and the display shows the numerical value of the received signal level.

    Detection and tracing cables in ceilings, walls, and floors

    In response to the needs of customers, the LKO-720 has a specially designed 3D antenna that raises the precision of the wire tracing. Determine the direction of wires in concrete up to 2” (5 cm) will not be a problem now.

    Identification of fuses on the distribution board

    Thanks to the precise sensor in LKO-720 and additional contact and non-contact probes, identify of breakers and fuses now will be easier and time-saving.

    Possibility to tracing in no access conductors

    The LKO-720 with C-8 clamp used in the current mode or other mode forcing current allows to uniquely identify wire or cable with a forced current signal.

    Non-contact detection of live cables

    The LKO-720 allows us to precisely detect energized wires in air and concrete without additional probes.