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Sonel Test Equipment

KT-670.1 Thermal Imager / 25mm lens

KT-670.1 Thermal Imager / 25mm lens

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Heavyweight for thermography

Behold the highest class of thermal imagers that offers temperature measurements of substantial accuracy. Robustly designed and constructed, they are ideally suited for:

  • troubleshooting electrical installations, wiring, panels, motors, breakers, transformers, switchgear, and electrical equipment,
  • monitoring the thermal performance of industrial manufacturing processes,
  • identifying overheating of mechanical and electro-mechanical components,
  • inspecting buildings for insulation leaks, energy audits, HVAC/R equipment, water damage, and pests,
  • locating hidden heat sources (of people, animals, objects) in dark or low-light conditions.

The touchscreen as well as the lens swivel independently to view objects of interest that are difficult to access from any angle. The large number of functions, intuitive handling and excellent ergonomics make the KT-670 imagers perfect for every advanced thermographer.



  • Image files saved in JPG format (complete image data).
  • Recording of IR videos (on SD memory card or computer hard disk).
  • Built-in reports module.
  • MIF image combining mode.
  • Extensive image analysis tools.
  • Built-in camera for capturing images within the visible light spectrum.
  • Built-in: GPS, digital compass, LED flashlight, laser.pointer, laser rangefinder.
  • Interfaces: USB type C, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, micro HDMI, SD memory card slot, Bluetooth.
  • Digital zoom.
  • Interchangeable lenses that do not require calibration by the manufacturer.



Polish manufacturer of measuring instruments introduces the new high level cameras with many usable features, matched with a wide variety of IR lenses. A fully radiometric, high resolution cameras which records temperature at each point of the image. This cameras make shooting professional IR images fast and easy as never before. Everything closed in a durable, water and dust proof casing, small size and low weight. Can you expect more? Yes, and Sonel gives you more. More features, options and functions (compass, GPS, IR analysing functions, Wi-Fi reports printing, others). Additional we offer you fully free, professional but intuitive software for image editing and reports creating. You need only to enjoy the quality, professionalism and performance of new Sonel KT series.

    • High resolution IR images up to 120,000 pixels (400x) and 307,200 pixels (640x480) alternative

    • Visible light digital camera 5MP resolution with LED lamp provides sharp images regardless of lighting conditions

    • 5 inch 720P high resolution LCD touch screen for better image clarity and easy operation

    • Rotating LCD display up to 270" for easy viewing angle

    • Rotating lens detents up to 70" for easy viewing angle

    • 4x (10x for plus version) continuous zoom with auto/motorized focus

    • Android based operation system with open platform for various APP developments and convinient program updating

    • Powerful onboard analysis and reporting capabilities

    • Multiple image presentation including IR visible, PIP and IR blending

    • WiFi&Bluetooth wireless communication

    • Optional high temperature range measuring up to 2000oC (3632oF) targeting electrical and industrial applications

    • Optional 11o telephoto or 45o wide angle lens







Parameter Description
Detector resolution 640 x 480 / 17 μm
Spectral range 7.5~14 μm
Thermal sensitivity 35 mK
Lens (field of view / focal length / instantaneous field of view / min. focus distance)
• standard 24.6° x 18.5° / 25 mm / 0.68 mrad / 0.3 m
• wide angle 45.4° x 34.8° / 13 mm / 1.31 mrad / 0.15 m
• telephoto 11.3° x 8.5° / 55 mm / 0.31 mrad / 1.5 m
• ultra-telephoto 7.3° x 5.5° / 85 mm / 0.2 mrad / 4 m
• macro 23.3 mm x 17.5 mm / 67 mm / - / 37.5 μm
• high temp 24.6° x 18.5° / - / - / -
Display 5”, 1280 x 720 high brightness, LCD touchscreen
Viewfinder 1280 x 960 LCOS
Image modes IR / Visual / Infrafusion MIF / PiP
Digital zoom 1…35
Temperature range Range 1: -40°C…150°C
Range 2: 100°C…800°C
Optional: 700°C…2000°C
Accuracy ±1°C or ±1% of reading
Image analysis modes 16 points, 16 lines, 16 areas. Temperature indication: min, max, average. Isotherm. Temperature alarm. Smart stroke.
Palettes 12
Super-resolution 4x, 768 x 576
Panoramic images
Emissivity coefficient Selectable from 0.01 to 1.00
Measurement adjustment Auto-adjustable distance, relative humidity, ambient temperature (reflected)
File format JPG
IR image annotations Additional visual photos, voice, text recognition, text typing
Reports module PDF reports
Video file format MP4 (without temp. information), IRGD (including temp. information)
Built-in features Visual camera 13 MPix, LED flashlight, GPS, laser pointer, laser rangefinder, microphone, speaker, digi-tal compass, light sensor
Wireless communication Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Storage Built-in memory (64 GB), SD card, cloud service
Interface SD card slot (max. 64 GB), LAN 1 Gb/s, micro HDMI, USB type C (data transfer only), tripod
Power supply Li-ion battery (4 h of continuous operation), built-in charger, AC adapter 110-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature -15°C…+50°C | 5°F…122°F
Storage temperature -40°C…+70°C | -40°F…+158°F
Humidity 10%...95%
Shock/Vibration 30g 11 ms (IEC 60068-2-27)
Ingress protection IP54




Weight and dimensions

Parameter Value
Net weight (kg) 1.3
Package weight (kg) 6.7
Package width (cm) 21
Package height (cm) 35.5
Package length (cm) 46

Accessories included with the meter


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