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IRM-1 Irradiance and temperature meter

IRM-1 Irradiance and temperature meter

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  • Simple and compact

    IRM-1, small, but indispensable for testing PV systems. By measuring solar radiation values, as well as panel and ambient temperatures, it provides the necessary data to convert the results into STC conditions. A built-in recorder with a memory of 5000 records enables the instrument to be used as a tool in the PV plant design process, as well as to diagnose panel shading problems.




    • Measurement of solar radiation and temperature.
    • The LoRa interface for communication with a master meter – offers a larger range than the Bluetooth technology!
    • Automatic data synchronization with a master meter with reSYNC function.
    • Built-in compass and inclination sensor.
    • Built-in recorder that can be used to record solar radiation before constructing PV systems, as well as to measure the shading of existing systems.
    • Large measurement memory: 999 cache memory cells and 5000 recorder records available (one-time recording) with the option of overwriting them (continuous recording).


    Measured parameters

    • Solar radiation intensity (irradiance) in W/m2 or BTU/ft2h.
    • PV panel temperature in °C or °F.
    • Ambient temperature in °C or °F.
    • Inclination angle of panels
    • Orientation of the panels with the built-in compass.


    Tightness and durability

    The meter performs well in harsh environmental conditions. Protection against the ingress of dust and water is provided by the housing rated at IP65. This is especially important for measurements on photovoltaic systems, which are outdoor installations.


    Communication and software

    Measurement data from the IRM-1 can be transferred to a computer via the USB port. In addition, the device has a built-in wireless LoRa interface (Long Range) for automatic data exchange with the master meter – even over long distances.




    • Specifications

      Parameter Measurement range Display range Resolution Accuracy
      Measurement in W/m2 100 W/m2 …1400 W/m2 0 W/m2 …1400 W/m2 1 W/m2 ±(5% m.v. + 2 digits)
      Measurement in BTU/ft2 h 32 BTU/ft2h…444 BTU/ft2h 0 BTU/ft2h…444 BTU/ft2h 1 BTU/ft2h ±(5% m.v. + 2 digits)
      PV and ambient temperature
      Measurement in °C -20.0°C…100.0°C -20.0°C…100.0°C 0.1°C ±(1% m.v. + 5 digits)
      Measurement in °F -4.0°F…212.0°F 4.0°F…212.0°F 0.1°F ±(1% m.v. + 5 digits)
      Inclination angle -90°…+90° -90°…+90° ±2°
      Position direction - compass 0°…360° 0°…360° ±5°


      "m.v." – measured value



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