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Sonel Test Equipment USA

GUD-1 Ultrasonic Transmitter

GUD-1 Ultrasonic Transmitter

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  • Mystery solved with ultrasounds

    The Sonel GUD-1 ultrasonic generator is an alternative ultrasonic source used for lossless leak simulation. The presented generator is an alternative ultrasonic source that is used when the systems under test are not filled with medium and therefore no leakage occurs. The Sonel GUD-1 is used for lossless simulation of leaks, due to which it is possible to locate occurring damages and leaks in pre-start-up processes as well as in places where insufficient pressure occurs.

    The Sonel GUD-1 ultrasonic generator is dedicated to work with the Sonel TUD-1 professional detector for detecting leaks and electric discharges. The ultrasonic waves generated by the GUD-1 are frequency matched to the frequency reception level of the detector, which translates into effective damage detection. The generator also works flawlessly in areas where the gas or air leakage has too low pressure for the signal to be detected by the detector.

    GUD-1 generator is dedicated to cooperate with TUD-1 detector as an alternative source of ultrasound for emission testing purposes. Generated ultrasound waves have a frequency adjusted to the reception level of the frequency detector.

    The device can generate ultrasounds in places, where gas or air leak itself does not have enough pressure to generate a detectable signal. GUD-1 allows to:

    • assess unpressurized tanks,
    • detect cracks and holes.






    Parameter Description
    frequency of the generated ultrasound (40±1) kHz
    sound power 0.0016 W
    power consumption ≤0.02 W
    power supply 9 V battery (6LR61 / MN1604)
    relative humidity not exceeding 80% at +20ºС | 68ºF
    operating temperature range -20…+45ºС | -4…+113ºF




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