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DB-Thermo Demonstration Board

DB-Thermo Demonstration Board

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Training in thermal imaging and non-contact temperature measurements

The DB-THERMO board is an indispensable device during any training on contactless temperature measurements and thermal imaging with the use of thermographic cameras. DB-Thermo helps to understand the phenomena related to the emissivity of different materials and the influence of surface type on temperature measurement.

The DB-THERMO set includes instructions describing all topics concerning thermal imaging.

The device is enclosed in a solid briefcase housing with a detachable cover.

DB-THERMO has a heating panel with an emissivity of 0.98 as well as plates made of various typical materials, with matte and polished surfaces. A programmable controller keeps watch over the temperature of the heating panel. The user may select a temperature from within the range of 40...60°C. The LED display reads the current panel temperature.







Parameter Description
Basic technical data
Heating panel temperature
• Regulation range 40°C...60°C
• Reading accuracy ±2%
• Resolution of readings 0.1°C
• Resolution of settings 1°C
• Hysteresis ±1.5°C
• Temperature stabilization time <5 min
Heating panel dimensions 275 x 110 mm
Display LED
Power supply 24 V DC
Power consumption max. 100 W
Thermal protection 85°C
Safety and work conditions
Ingress protection IP20
Type of insulation according to EN 61010-1 CAT II 300 V
Operating temperature 10…+40°C
Storage temperature -20…+70°C





Weight and dimensions

Parameter Value
Net weight (kg) 2.6
Package weight (kg) 3.2
Package width (cm) 40
Package height (cm) 30
Package length (cm) 24




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