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CMP-3kR Current Clamp Meter with data logger

CMP-3kR Current Clamp Meter with data logger

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  • The Sonel CMP-3kR is an innovative AC current clamp meter which combines technically advanced solutions

    The handy digital AC clamps meter with a recorder is a professional tool for measuring AC current up to 3000 A. Unlike competitive instruments, the CMP-3kR is equipped with flexible clamps with a diameter of 160 mm and a cable length of up to 170 cm. This makes operating the device much simpler and safer. The user can maintain greater distance and control also due to the Sonel Multimeter Mobile application - it provides communication with the meter via Bluetooth interface. The bracket on the back of the case allows the use of various types of hangers, including magnetic ones.

    This small, specialized instrument incorporates a built-in recorder with RTC that can record currents for 24 hours with a recording frequency of 1 second. 




    Attachable flexible clamp

    Enables AC current measurement up to 3000 A. Designed for easy installation on power busbars up to 160 mm diameter.


    Wireless communication

    Transfer measurement data via Bluetooth, in „live” mode, to the Sonel Multimeter Mobile application. This allows to record and store the results and include additional description or photos. You can also share measurement data as an e-mail attachment.


    Robust design

    With the help of the latest technologies, a compact instrument for working in the toughest conditions has been created. The rubber housing protects the device against accidental damage. The back attachment can fit a magnetic hanger strap or a hook strap.


    Extended measurements

    CMP-3kR can measure frequencies, and its INRUSH feature helps testing for inrush current levels of various electrical machines.


    Current logger

    The integrated current logger with an RTC can be configured with the logging start date and time and up to 24 hours of current logging with a refresh rate of 1 second. The captured logs can be analyzed later to identify the real-time phenomena as they occurred.




    Measurement functions Range Resolution Accuracy
    AC current
    flexible clamp up to 3000 A from 0.01 A from ±(3.0% m.v. + 5 digits)
    Frequency 400.0 Hz 0.1 Hz ±(0.5% m.v. + 5 digits)


    m.v. - measured value

    Basic features:

    • Counting: 3.000 digits
    • HOLD
    • Automatic range selection

    Advanced features:

    • Inrush current
    • TRMS measurement
    • Memory
      • internal
      • recorder: 86 400 samples, sampling frequency: 1 Hz, maximum recording time: 24 h
      • external
      • in mobile application
    • Bluetooth communication

    Other features​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:

    • Auto-off
    • Empty battery indication
    • Display:
    • Type: segment-based LCD, 4 digits
    • Display backlight: manual



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