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Sonel Test Equipment USA

CS-1 Cable simulator

CS-1 Cable simulator

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Designed for insulation resistance simulation of power cables. Equipped with highly accurate resistors. Intended for training, presentation and auxiliary purposes – for instance in a situation, where general estimation of the measurement correctness is needed. CS-1 enables the measurement of four resistance values and their combination. The device utilizes 4 mm banana plugs. Its casing is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage.





Technical data


Technical specifications

Parameter Description
Basic technical specifications
Max measuring voltage 1000 V DC
Nominal resistance values 10 MΩ, 22 MΩ, 51 MΩ, 68 MΩ
Nominal value accuracy ±1%
Safety and conditions for use
Ingress protection IP40
Insulation type according to EN 61010-1 double
Operating temperature -0…+60°C | 32°F…140°F
Storage temperature -30…+65°C | -22°F…165°F
Humidity 20…90%
Other information
Quality standard – development, design and production ISO 9001





Weight and dimensions

Parameter Value
Net weight (kg) 0.1
Package weight (kg) 0.1
Package width (cm) 16
Package height (cm) 27.5
Package length (cm) 6



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