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C-7A Current clamp (Φ=24 mm) 100 A AC

C-7A Current clamp (Φ=24 mm) 100 A AC

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C-1 measuring clamps with a hard core are used to measure alternating currents. The maximum diameter of the tested conductor is 52 mm. They are terminated with RS-232 female plug, compatible with Sonel MRU devices with RS-232 male socket. The use of clamps eliminates the need to disconnect control connections, significantly reducing the testing time. These clamps allow user to determine the type of current flowing through the tested earthing element and to check the resulting voltage drop. The measurement safety category of the presented product is CAT II 300 V.




Technical data


Weight and dimensions

Parameter Value
Net weight (kg) 0.7
Package weight (kg) 0.8
Package width (cm) 24.1
Package height (cm) 6.5
Package length (cm) 15.8




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